How To Use A Professional Spray Gun

25 November 2015
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Painting exterior walls is usually more difficult than painting interior walls, if only because the surface is rougher. For this reason, you will probably want to paint your exterior walls with a pneumatic spray gun instead of traditional paint rollers. Renting a pneumatic paint gun is easy, but it does require some special maintenance.

Renting the Gun

Most equipment rental facilities will be able to rent everything you need to paint your exterior, including the air compressor and the spray gun. You really only need to buy two or three 5-gallon buckets (in addition to your buckets of paint). Most rental facilities do not give you any instructions on how to operate the gun and compressor unless you ask specifically for them. Luckily, spray guns are very easy to use, but you will need to follow these directions.

The extra 5 gallon buckets are necessary for mixing the paint. Most homes will require several 5 gallon buckets of paint. It is very important to mix the different buckets together so they are blended and match. Even if your paint was bought on the same day and mixed in the same machine, there is a very real chance that the paints will differ.  Mixing them yourself is an important precaution. Keep an extra bucket or two filed with water for cleaning the gun at the end of the day.

The spray gun will have a pump motor on the end of a hose that you submerge in the paint. The pump must be submerged in the paint to work. Most spray gun devices have wheels so they are mobile. The rack also has a simple hook for bucket to hang on. Instead of switching out the bucket every time the paint starts to get low, you should just pour the paint directly into the attached bucket.

Keeping the Nozzle Clean

The most important part of paint with a spray gun is keeping the gun nozzle clean. If the nozzle tip gets clogged with dry paint, your stream will be inconsistent. Whenever you are not spraying, even if it is just for a 20 minute break, you should place the gun inside the bucket of water you have on hand. This prevents the paint from drying.

Also, you need to clean out the hose at the end of each painting day. Place the pump in a bucket of water and start spraying onto a spare piece of cardboard. Keep spraying until only water is coming out of the gun. This indicates that the hose and nozzle have no paint left.

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