What Makes Up A Drilling Rig?

28 November 2015
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If you live out of town, you probably get your water from a well. How deep your well is depends on how far down the water table is in your air, and what kind of rock and soil is in between the surface and the water. In order to get to the water and create your well, the people who dug it out had to bring a drilling rig out to your property. What are some of the parts of the drill rig that dug your well?


The auger is the most important part of the whole drill. It is the screw-like part at the front. It is the part that breaks the rock and creates the bore. The bore is the actual body of the well. The bore will be a wide as the auger is. 

The bore is created by the auger screwing down into the ground. As the auger screws down, the majority of the waste created by the drilling process is carried up towards the surface by the action of the auger. The company that drilled your well may have started with a small auger to start the bore, and then changed out to a wider auger, in order to widen up the bore to make sure there is more water available in the well. The smaller bore acts like a pilot hole for a screw. 


The pipes of the drilling rig are part of what allows the auger to get down to the needed depth. Wires and cords can run down through those pipes to the auger head, as necessary. Part of what limits how far down your well can go is how many pipes are available to run the auger. Part of what limits the amount of pipes available is what kind of drilling rig is being used. For example, a small portable rig can generally only dig a shallow well because it just doesn't have the space to add in enough piping to drill very deep wells.


Another part of the drilling rig is the motor. Portable rigs have small motors, which is another reason that they can only drill shallow wells. As the auger goes further down, the motor has to work harder to make sure that it still has the same amount of power. Generally the harder rock is deeper, and if the auger doesn't have enough power it risks getting bound up and broken. 

Water wells have been used for centuries to make sure that people can have water. If you aren't on city water, a water well means that you don't have to truck water to your house. Go to website for more information.