3 Common Conveyor Belt Problems

2 December 2015
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Conveyor belts are used in an assortment of settings around the world. From the grocery store to the manufacturing facility, conveyor belts can help move something along from one place to another with ease. In the event your conveyor belt starts acting up, you need to get to the bottom of it to get it back in peak operating condition as quickly as possible. Here are some of the common problems and how to correct them.

Excessive cover wear on the surface of the carrying area.

Oftentimes, this happens because the cover isn't adequate enough to handle the materials going down the belt. You need to upgrade to a cover that is heavier and more durable to better handle your projects. Another thing to look at is how the belt is loaded. Your load should be positioned in the middle of your belt. Otherwise, it will cause the chute to wear down and fray.

Excessive wear on the pulley covers.

If there isn't enough traction between the pulley and belt, it will cause excessive wear. You need to remove buildup from the pulley and increase the belt wrap and tension to ensure it is good to go. Another thing to look at is the idlers. If they are frozen, you need to have them repaired or replaced. Not maintaining the idlers can cause them to go out before their time. Make sure they are properly cleaned, lubricated and aligned to prevent any issues from occurring.

Excessive wear along the edges.

It might be something as simple as your belt needing to be aligned. However, it could also be that your belt isn't being loaded properly. As said before, the load needs to be placed on the center of the conveyor belt. Material should be facing the same direction as the belt is traveling to prevent unnecessary friction on your belt. Material can end up building up on the conveyor and pulleys. To eliminate this problem, simply clean the system, improve the containment system for your materials, install cleaners and belt scrapers, and check the skirting. In doing all of these things, you can get your system back in working order quickly and easily.

Conveyor belts are extremely useful, but they have to be taken care of to prevent any issues with them breaking down and falling apart on you. If you ever have any concerns about the way your belt is acting, discuss them with a licensed professional.