3 Helpful Pipe Threader Features To Increase Ease Of Use And Productivity

2 December 2015
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Pipe threaders are some of the most popular power tools used by general contractors today, so simply having one won't put you ahead. The key to having the most productive team, then, is to ensure that your pipe threader is the most advanced and productive out of the sea of these power tools available. Here are a few helpful add-ons that you should look for when you're in the market for a new or upgraded pipe threader. 

Through Die Head Oiling

Having to keep one hand free to hold the pipe and another operating the oil can is a recipe for a long day of threading pipe, and can even be a safety concern with all that confusion. Buying a more complex pipe threader that can oil itself will eliminate the need for two hands to go in opposite directions, and will keep you focused on the task at hand. Automated oiling only requires you to fill the oil tank at the beginning of the shift and maybe once later in the day, but other than that it's smooth sailing without having to worry about oiling manually. 

Adjustable Die

Nothing is a bigger time sink than having to bring multiple machines or a huge tool box specifically for threading pipes of different diameters. Buying a pipe threader that can accommodate multiple pipe widths negates the need for buying a separate arsenal simply for threading a different pipe. These dies can also clear up the sticky situation of needing to thread coated pipes, which normally require you to peel back the coating to get a reliable thread. These can be done easily by simply adjusting your die the tiniest bit to account for the coating when threading these particular pipes. 

Automatic Thread Stop

Threading multiple pipes of identical length can be tricky if you're left eyeballing the length of the threading, and can lead to an awkward gap or space at the end of your piping if the threads aren't exactly the same length. Automatic thread stopping allows you to dial in the exact thread length you need and locks it in place to ensure that every pipe in a series has the exact same length threaded section to ensure a snug fit when it comes time to piece the plumbing together. This feature also comes in handy when working with a new operator on a pipe threading machine, since it takes a trained eye to ensure all your threaded pipes have the same amount of threading, but automatic stopping makes anyone look like an expert. 

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