Two Things Not To Overlook When Purchasing A Used Cargo Trailer

2 January 2016
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Purchasing a used cargo trailer can be just as efficient at meeting your needs as a new trailer, but this is highly dependent on whether or not you are choosing the right trailer. Weight, enclosure style and length are all important factors that most people don't forget to overlook. However, there are some seemingly minor factors some buyers often overlook when selecting a used trailer. In order to get the most long-term and efficient use out of your purchase, make sure you know what not to forget to look for.

Tie Downs

If you're looking to purchase a used, open, cargo trailer, you want to make sure the trailer already has load tie down attachments installed. To secure loads in place, you knot a securing strap around one of the hooks, pull it tightly over the load and attach the other end of the strap to a tie down on the opposite side of the trailer.

Although you will need to purchase your own securing straps, having tie down attachments already in place will make it easier. These devices have a hook like appearance and are generally found on the side panels or underside of a trailer. It's also a good idea to find out what the load capacity of the tie downs are to ensure they can accommodate your needs.  

Ramps And Slider Plates

A trailer ramp is only beneficial when the ramp is in good condition. Make sure you are taking the time to inspect the condition of the ramp before confirming your purchase. When examining the ramp, first look over the hinges that connect it to the trailer to ensure they are secure. Next, look for any rust and corrosion as these are warning signs that the hinges could fail and leave you with costly repairs.

You also want to examine the surface of the ramp and the slider plates, if it has one, for any signs of deterioration or frayed pieces of metal. This step is especially important if you will be loading motorized vehicles on the trailer. If the ramp or slider plate surface has frayed pieces of metal this can easily puncture a tire. Make sure both are in good condition.

The more research and effort you put into your search, the more satisfied you will be with your used cargo trailer purchase. Make sure you are taking your time until you find the right trailer best suited to meet your hauling needs.

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