Things To Consider Before Building Your Warehouse

15 August 2018
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Installing a warehouse to house inventory, machinery, or other industry-related items is a great way to help manage your growing business. Before installing a warehouse, make sure you are prepared for the process by considering these things first.


You want to install your warehouse in an area that is close to major highways or freeways in your area. This way, trucks have easy access to your building so transportation times can be lower and more accurate for deliveries.

Another thing to consider about location for your warehouse is this: space. You need enough acreage to not only build a warehouse large enough to meet your needs, you also need enough space to create a parking lot large enough for heavy machinery, semi trucks, and company vehicles to maneuver around and park with ease. A design consultant who specializes in warehouse installation can help you decide just how much space you need for your warehouse depending on what you plan on using the structure for.


You need to think of security measures when installing a warehouse on your property. What type of fencing do you want for your building? Are you planning on installing security lights around your warehouse, including parking and loading docks? Are you considering a gated entry with key coding accessibility, or a rolling gate that is controlled manually? These are all things to think about as you have your warehouse erected, so you have the proper security measures in place before you use the building.


A loading dock is a necessary addition to a warehouse, especially if you plan on loading large semi loads of inventory or machinery every day. You will want to put in a ramp for easy loading access as well as a large garage door to make keeping inventory safe between loading easier.


Do you want to use pallets to house all your inventory and other supplies, or do you want built-in shelves for your warehouse? Your warehouse installation expert will show you several options for shelving to make your warehouse more functional for your business use.


Proper ventilation is essential to running a safe warehouse, especially if you have people working inside the building daily. You'll need to decide if you want overhead industrial fans and ceiling vents for ventilation or if you want to have an HVAC system installed. These things need to be decided before the warehouse is installed so blueprints can be created for designing your building appropriately.