3 Reasons To Invest In A Flexible Borescope

18 January 2019
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The ability to examine places that are inaccessible or would be challenging to view can help inspectors better care for complex machinery. Borescopes are the tools that make these remote inspections possible.

A borescope is essentially a high-resolution camera that is connected to the end of a relay tube. These tubes can be either flexible or rigid in nature. If you want to maximize the versatility of your borescope, you will opt for a flexible tube design.

1. Flexible borescopes are versatile.

When you invest in a flexible borescope, you gain the ability to inspect a variety of areas.

You can utilize a flexible borescope to gain visual access to areas that are fairly easy to reach with the camera, just as you would with a rigid borescope. The versatility comes into play when you need to inspect curved piping or ductwork, or access an area utilizing a path filled with twists and turns.

A single tool can provide you with visual access to almost any area you may need to inspect.

2. Flexible borescopes offer greater movement.

In addition to being able to access remote areas with ease, a flexible borescope can offer greater visual access in any situation. These borescopes are equipped with high-resolution cameras that provide clear images for inspectors to examine.

The camera on a flexible borescope can be manipulated to provide a 360 degree view of any remote area. This movement means that inspectors can clearly assess any damage in a remote area, no matter how complex the shape of the area may be.

3. Flexible borescopes can create their own lighting.

Rigid borescopes tend to be very basic in their design. This can limit the visibility of a remote area that is deep within the heart of a machine. Flexible borescopes are equipped with fiber optic lighting that illuminates dark spaces.

This feature allows the camera to capture high-resolution images that are clean and crisp. The lack of natural light will no longer be a problem in remote inspections when you rely on a flexible borescope for future tasks.

When it is physically impossible to be in a certain spot, borescopes can offer inspectors the ability to gain visual confirmation of damage that a machine has sustained. This remote access makes borescopes more than mere tools- it transforms them into valuable assets that can reduce the amount of time and money spent on machine maintenance in the future. Contact a boroscope service for more help.