Supply List For When It Comes Time To Renovate The Exterior Of Your Liquor Store

20 March 2019
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When it comes time to renovate the outside of your liquor store, you need to make sure that you have a detailed list of the important supplies necessary. If you have not done any serious renovation in recent years, and you've decided that now is the time to get started, then it is important that you take the imitative and make sure all of your essential purchases are in order. This will allow you to better plan out for a the future renovation. The cost of the labor associated with installing said items, as well as the cost of the items themselves and the time required to handle them and integrate them into your stores exterior renovation. Here is that list:

New Neon Signage

An enticing sign is one of the most important aspects of your liquor store. You want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd and the best way to do this is to install a beautiful and alluring neon sign on the outside of your store. These signs are wonderful at night as they attract potential customers who might be passing by and who might not have known about your store. The neon design draws in people who would not otherwise see a regular sign. If you don't have a neon sign, make sure to add it to your list. If you already have one, it might be time to reconsider the design and update it so that it is not too old fashioned looking.

Replace The Windows and Replace or Fix Exterior Doors

Creaky windows and doors are great for haunted houses, but you don't want your customers commenting on them when they are entering and exiting your store. This is why you need to be sure to have a contractor come in and make sure the doors are in fantastic working order. Also, if the windows are old and not in great shape, you should definitely have them replaced. This won't only draw in more customers, it will make the store more dependable against harsh weather as new windows are going to protect against the rain and elements more than your old ones will.

New Asphalt Parking Lot

A cracked and bumpy parking lot is terrible for business. People will remember draining onto your stores property and having their car bottom out on a pot hole, or dealing with large indentations where puddles form. This is why you need to contact an asphalt supplier and get a quote on what it would cost to have them come in and repave the entire lot. People who see a brand new asphalt parking lot will likely associate it with a brand new store and be tempted to drive in and test out the store and seem for themselves what sort of business you have.

Asphalt can be expensive, but if you shop around for the right supplier, you are likely to get a good deal and can then repave your entire parking lot during the exterior renovation.