Is It Time To Replace Your Hot Tar Hose?

15 October 2019
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A reliable conduit is needed to help move hot asphalt from a mixing truck to the site of application. Tar hoses are the conduit of choice for most professional asphalt installers. The quality and condition of your tar hose can have a direct impact on the safety and efficiency of your installation projects.

Replacing a tar hose can be costly, so you probably want to wait as long as possible before investing in a new hose. Watch for the warning signs of impending hose failure so that you will know when it's time to replace your hot tar hose in the future.

Small Leaks

The first visible sign of damage to a hot tar hose is the presence of small leaks. These leaks will become visible when the hose is in use. All hot tar hoses are constructed from durable rubber that is coated with a specialized material that allows each hose to withstand the extreme temperature of the asphalt passing through it.

Small leaks are an indication that this coating has been compromised. Once the coating is no longer fully intact, the hot asphalt can easily damage the rubber portion of the hot tar hose. Your hose will deteriorate rapidly once small leaks are visible, so it's imperative that you replace the hose immediately when a small leak is identified.

Corroded Fittings

The connection point between your hose and the mixing truck must be carefully monitored if you are trying to keep tabs on the condition of your hot tar hose. A specialized fitting is built into the end of the hose. This fitting allows an airtight seal to be created between the truck and the hose.

Over time, the fittings can become corroded. Corrosion weakens the integrity of the metal fittings and makes them more likely to succumb to failure when exposed to the pressurized asphalt being transferred from the mixing truck.

Many hot tar hoses are also reinforced with internal metal support. Corrosion that is visible on the fittings may have spread to the internal supports, which can weaken the integrity of the hose.

The Danger of a Damaged Hose

Although minor damage might not seem like a serious cause for concern, any imperfections in your hot tar hose should be taken seriously.

A damaged hose could rupture at any moment. Hot asphalt could spew from a ruptured hose and cause serious injury to your employees. Replace your hose at the first sign of damage to ensure the safety and efficiency of your asphalt installations. For more information, contact a company like Copperstate Hose today.