3 Useful Features To Look For With Clear Plastic Sheeting For Painting

13 August 2020
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When you go to paint your home, it's important to shield your furniture from paint. You can do this in an effective manner with clear plastic sheeting, which is readily available today. Buying this material for painting purposes will be easy if you look for these features in particular.


If you have a lot of furniture to cover before painting, then you don't want to struggle moving the plastic sheeting around. You won't have to if you make sure it has a lightweight design before purchasing any.

Whether you're wrapping dozens of furniture pieces or large furniture items that will require a lot of plastic sheeting, a lightweight design will help you conserve energy and stay safe when wrapping. You can then save all of your energy for the actual painting up ahead. 

You should be able to see how light clear plastic sheeting is by reading the product's description. 


Painting a home will undoubtedly be a messy process. Paint will probably end up on the clear plastic sheets you wrapped around the furniture. When it does, you want to have confidence it will provide adequate protection so that your pieces aren't completely ruined.

You can have this confidence when you choose sheeting that's completely waterproof. No matter how much paint gets on the sheeting, the paint will not be able to seep through and affect your furniture. Rather, the sheeting will create a protective barrier that gives you added confidence during this painting project. 

Multi-Layer Design

As you go to place the clear plastic sheeting around your furniture, you want to ensure ripping doesn't occur. If it did, you would have to get more clear sheeting and then waste a lot of materials potentially. You can avoid this fate when you go with clear plastic sheeting with a multi-layer design. 

The sheeting will still be lightweight, but the multiple layers will prevent tears and punctures from happening. That will make applying the sheeting over your furniture a much smoother process, and your furniture will have more protection. 

Again, you should be able to see the words multi-layer in the sheeting's description if it has this design.

Painting is a messy process that can cause you a lot of stress. Fortunately, there is clear plastic sheeting available that can be wrapped around furniture for protection. As long as you get sheeting with the right features, then your paint project will be clean and successful. Contact a company that sells products like light-duty clear plastic sheeting to learn more.