Tips When Choosing A Brick Trowel For Mortar Spreading

29 January 2021
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If you have a project that requires you to spread mortar around, such as brick laying, then one of the most important masonry supplies you can invest in is a brick trowel. It will make mortar spreading a much easier process overall, especially if you use these tips to find said tool.

Look For a Limber Quality 

When you start working mortar around with a brick trowel, you may be worried about applying too much pressure and damaging the blade. You can account for this by ensuring the brick trowel's blade is limber.

Regardless of the motions and actions you put the blade through, the blade will continue holding up and providing effective performance. A limber design is certainly useful when you insert the brick trowel inside a tub of mortar and scoop it out, as the pressure won't cause damage. 

Figure Out Ideal Handle Material

The handle is one of the more key components of a brick trowel, as this is where your hands will go when manipulating mortar around brick. Think long and hard about what you want the handle's material to be. 

You have a couple of options like leather, silicone, plastic, and even metal. Leather and silicone materials tend to provide the most cushion, which can help reduce hand fatigue if you will be using the brick trowel for more than a couple of hours. In terms of longevity, metal handles are often the superior choice. 

Opt For One-Piece Construction

Another design element to consider when choosing a brick trowel is the overall construction. For added durability and support, it's best to get a brick towel that is one single piece. Then there won't be the likelihood of breakage while you manipulate the trowel around different bricks throughout the day. When there are multiple components on the brick trowel, that's more components that can become damaged and then force you into having to buy a replacement.

Single-piece trowels may seem pretty simple, but sometimes that's what you need to use this tool consistently without the constant threat of structural damage getting in the way of your brick-laying operations.

When it comes to laying brick, a trowel is one of the most important tools you could ever invest in. It will help you with mortar application time and time again if you are smart about the features it comes with and focus a lot on its durability.