6 Simple Tips To Help You Replace The Bottom Door Gasket On Your Commercial Refrigerator

7 April 2021
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Commercial businesses, such as grocery stores and supermarkets, rely on refrigerators to preserve the quality of perishable foods. A damaged refrigerator door gasket or seal can cause numerous problems. By letting out cold air, your frozen foods may spoil quickly, and you might incur substantial energy costs since the fridge works harder to compensate for the loss.

Luckily, you can quickly perform gasket repairs on your own. These six tips will assist you in replacing the bottom door gasket on your commercial refrigerator:

Assess Gasket Damage before Any Replacement

Before thinking of replacing your gaskets, you want to be sure that your current unit's bottom door gasket is faulty. If your refrigerator runs continuously and lets out cold air from the bottom door, that may symbolize a defective gasket. You may also identify some condensation, splits, leakage, and presence of mold in the unit. These are surefire signs that your fridge's bottom door seal is faulty and requires immediate replacement.

Buy the Ideal Gasket

Use the manufacturer's manual to determine the refrigerator's model and find the gasket's exact specifications. After identifying the specifications, use that information to find a suitable gasket online or in your local supply stores. Besides, if you don't have a hex and an Allen wrench, consider purchasing them too.

Prep the New Gasket

Before you begin any gasket replacement task on your commercial refrigerator, ensure that the unit is switched off and unplugged from the socket. Proceed to soak your seal in water, preferably warm water, for few minutes, to soften it up for installation.

Remove the Faulty Seal

Pull the gasket back to reveal the supporting screws. After that, loosen them from the retainer using a hex screwdriver or wrench to detach the bottom refrigerator door's gasket. Be careful when pulling out the seal, since you may damage the unit's plastic liner.

Install the New Seal

Begin by inserting the gasket's lip in the unit's top corner during installation. You'll know whether or not you're doing it right because it only fits one way. Continue working the remaining part of the seal by pushing it behind the door's retainer all the way around. Finally, screw the gasket to the retainer, but ensure it's not very tight.

Inspect Your Commercial Refrigerator Door

After you've completed the installation, conduct some inspections to assess whether there is any form of warping. If present, use talcum powder on the area and close the door for a short while. Next, check whether there are some gaps present, and if you find any, smear a layer of petroleum jelly on the seal's surface adjacent to the hinges.

These tips will help your fix your commercial refrigerator's bottom door gasket quickly. However, some commercial refrigerator doors have intricate designs, and you may need to hire a professional repair service for the job, like DIY Gaskets.