Household Uses For Zip Ties

20 December 2021
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A zip tie is a type of fastener that is often used to bind cables or electrical cords together. Zip ties are inexpensive and lightweight, which makes them a suitable material to use to hang bulky items or to secure items within your household that you would like to place out of bounds.

Zip Tie Types

Clear zip ties and multi-colored ties come in various thicknesses and lengths. A serrated surface may run along one or both sides of a plastic tie. A serrated surface is supportive of cinching multiple items together and keeping them stabilized. When a user would like to release the contents from a tie, they can simply twist the two plastic edges that have formed a loop around the items that are currently secured, and unloop the plastic.

If a thin, short zip tie is used to bind items together and the plastic has been pulled tightly, it may not be easy to open the tie by hand. Inexpensive ties that are sold in bulk are often used for single applications. A pair of scissors can be used to snip through the plastic that is secured around a group of materials. 

Some Household Uses

A series of metal hooks that are located on a wall in your kitchen or bathroom can be used to secure multiple items. Instead of hanging one item from each hook, secure a zip tie through a handled broom, a mop, or any other item that contains a handle with a small hole in it. Form the zip tie into a circle and suspend it from one of the hooks. By keeping a wooden handle off of each hook and allowing it to dangle below the group of hooks, you will have plenty of room on each hook to hang multiple zip ties that each have a particular item secured to it.

Zip ties can be used to create hangers for hairbrushes, hammers, pliers, or any other handled item. Zip ties can be used to secure string lights, seasonal wreaths, and other decorative items to your home's exterior. If you own some cabinetry or an industrial toolbox that you do not want your young children to open, using zip ties to keep either of these items shut will alleviate you from needing to invest in a lock and a key. Zip ties will not damage cabinet handles and other industrial or household materials that could potentially become scratched.

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