Top Reasons To Have Custom Parts Made From Rubber Instead Of Plastic

17 May 2022
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You might know that there are companies out there that will make custom parts for you out of either plastic or rubber. You might already know that you want to use one of these companies so you can have parts made to your specifications. What you might not have decided yet might be whether you want to have your parts made out of plastic or rubber. Even though many people are happy with the custom plastic parts that they have made, you might want to choose rubber — particularly for certain applications — for these reasons and more.

They Provide a Better Seal

If you are looking for stoppers or seals that can be made to your specifications, then you'll probably want to choose rubber. After all, rubber parts typically provide a much better seal than plastic.

They're Easier to Work With

When installing plastic parts, you might find that installation will be a little more difficult than you expected. After all, most plastic parts are rigid and don't have any "give," making them a whole lot harder to install or remove in many cases. Rubber, on the other hand, is typically at least a little bit flexible. In fact, if you want to be sure that the rubber part that you have made is easy to work with, you can specifically ask to have a more flexible rubber used to make it. After all, many companies that make custom rubber parts will allow you to choose from different types of rubber. Someone from the company that will be helping you with these parts should be more than happy to tell you about your different rubber options.

They're Less Susceptible to Damage from Heat or Chemicals

You could be worried about the conditions that your parts will be exposed to, and you could be wondering if your parts can handle being exposed to things like heat or chemicals without getting damaged. Depending on the type of rubber that is used to make your parts, this probably won't be as much of a concern as it would be if you had your parts made from plastic. Of course, it does pay to choose a type of rubber that can be exposed to extreme temperatures and chemicals if you want your parts to hold up as well as possible in these types of conditions.

Even though plastic parts do have their place, rubber parts are often a better choice. Therefore, if you need to have parts custom-made for you, you may find that having them made from rubber is going to be the far better choice.