Guide For Those Purchasing PCD Cutting Tools For The First Time

29 June 2022
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If you're looking for a dependable cutting tool that's going to last, PCD cutting tools might be for you thanks to their diamond particle makeup. Purchasing these tools for the first time won't cause issues if you use this guide.

Make Sure Diamond Particles Are Randomly Oriented

In order for PCD cutting instruments to resist wear for a long time, then you need to make sure they have diamond particles that are randomly oriented on the said cutting tool. This will keep wear even and thus maximize this tool's lifespan.

You can review diamond particle makeup by consulting with suppliers and manufacturers that make PCD cutting instruments. Another helpful tactic would be to see the PCD cutting instruments perform in real-time, so you can verify they're not prone to wear in any particular direction. 

Get Professional Assistance When Choosing the Grade

An important attribute you'll want to review and get right is the grade of your PCD cutting tool. You have several options: fine, medium, and coarse. If you want to make sure you select the right grade for these PCD cutting tools, get a professional recommendation.

Talk to someone that works or sells PCD cutting tools and knows what assessments to make for a proper grade recommendation. They may ask to see what materials you plan on cutting with the said instrument, and then they can give you their honest opinion on what grade is going to work out for the best consistently. 

Decide Between Standard and Custom Tooling

There are two paths you can go down when purchasing PCD cutting tools. Either you can work with a supplier and order standard tools or you can partner up with a manufacturer for something custom. Make sure you carefully weigh this decision so that your PCD tooling works optimally long-term.

If you're performing basic cutting tasks with said tooling and dealing with standard materials, then you can probably find a standard cutting tool from a supplier. Whereas if you're dealing with really abrasive materials or unique cutting operations, custom PCD cutting tools would perform better for the long haul.

If you want to cut materials and have complete faith your cutting instrument is going to hold up fine for a long time, PCD cutting tools are ideal investments to make. That's especially true if you put in the work researching the available PCD tools you have access to on the market.