2 Signs It's Time To Replace The Old Air Tools In Your Factory's Machine Shop

13 December 2022
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When you operate a factory, having a machine shop on the premises is beneficial because the workers can repair the machines and perform the fabrication of new pieces onsite. As part of this shop, air tools are an essential part of these tasks.

After looking over the tools that are currently in the shop, you may have realized that they are getting old and are starting to show signs of age such as rusty surfaces, leading you to wonder if it's time to purchase new ones. Below are a couple of signs you should be on the lookout for that indicate you should go ahead and replace the air tools before they break down completely.

1. Noticeable Decrease in Torque Power Even When the Air Compression Units Are Changed

One sign that it's time to replace your factory machine shop's air tools is when there is a noticeable decrease in their torque power. Since this issue could be caused by the air compression unit, you should first change units to see if it makes a difference.

If the tools still do not have enough torque, they have either sustained damage that has created an air leak or they are just worn out. Either way, you should go ahead and replace the ones that are losing power and unable to do their jobs.

2. Odd, Repetitive Noises Are Heard That Were Not Present Before Whenever the Tools Are Being Used

Another sign that the tools are no longer functioning properly and should be replaced as soon as possible is when odd, repetitive noises are heard. Normally, the tools make sounds such as whirring whenever they are used.

However, if your workers are reporting whining, clicking, or grinding sounds coming from the tools whenever they are in use, the wear and tear on them has become too much. Or, a component inside is broken. Either way, you should go ahead and replace them before they completely break and leave your workers without tools.

Rusty tools can no longer supply the amount of torque required and tend to make noises whenever they are being used by your workers, and they will most likely fail completely at any given time. Before this happens and results in a loss of productivity in the factory, contact an industrial supply company to speak to a sales representative about ordering new air tools to replace the old ones.