TIG Welders: Keys To Buying One From A Welding Equipment Distributor

20 January 2023
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TIG (tungsten inert gas) welders are very popular today because of their precision and versatility. If you want to buy one from a welding equipment distributor, here are some investment tips that you'll want to look over.

Make Sure Diverse Material Support is Provided

When you buy a TIG welder, you don't want to be held back as far as the materials you can work with. In that case, make sure your TIG welder from a distributor provides diverse material support from the beginning.

You can then use this welding machine on all sorts of materials, including steel sheet metal and thicker sections of aluminum. It will be nice to not worry about whether you can support a particular metal variety or not when welding pieces together. Just be aware that you may have to pay more for a TIG welder that can support endless material varieties. 

Look For a Well-Designed Foot Pedal

One of the most important aspects you need to manage when using a TIG welder on any material variety is amperage. It's the strength of the electrical current you can get from this machine, and this spec is something that's controlled by a foot pedal.

As such, this pedal needs to be well-designed and to your liking so that you don't have any issues with amperage control. You'll be able to dial it in with ease regardless of what welding projects come up. Foot pedal designs and comfort are things you should probably review thoroughly in person. 

Talk About Your Needs With a Distributor

Even after you perform sound research on different TIG welder models and brands, it helps to discuss your welding needs with a distributor of said equipment. If they have a lot of experience selling these machines, they can be extremely valuable to your search.

For instance, you can tell them how much power and amperage control you're looking for and then get model recommendations in a short period of time. They can also give you insights into the type of work that each TIG welder is designed for, saving you from making the wrong welder investment. 

If you want to weld for a career or even just a hobby, a TIG welding machine is a great solution to start out with. You can get these welders from online distributors. Look at their inventory and keep in mind what you want this welder to do for your operations long-term. Then you'll know what to buy.

For more information, contact an independent welding supply distributor near you.