Planetary Mixers – The Jack of All Trades for Your Kitchen

27 October 2023
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Planetary mixers, also known as stand mixers, are a staple of any commercial kitchen. They’re versatile efficient, and make mixing and kneading dough a breeze. However, their uses extend far beyond just mixing.

This blog post will showcase the many ways in which planetary mixers can be used in your kitchen, from mixing different types of batters and doughs to shredding meat and everything in between.

Mixing Batters and Dough

Planetary mixers come with different attachments like wire whisks, dough hooks, and flat beaters that make them ideal for mixing batters, dough, and similar mixtures with ease. They’re perfect for preparing the dough for bread, pizza, and pasta, as well as whipping creams, eggs, and frostings for cakes and desserts.

Meat Processing

The various attachments available for planetary mixers are not just limited to mixing; they can also be used for shredding and grinding meat. Meat grinders can be attached to the mixer and used for grinding cuts of meat or shredded meats for pulled pork, chicken, and beef tacos. Shredding meat by hand is a time-consuming process, but a planetary mixer can do it quickly.

Extrusion of Pasta

Planetary mixers can be used for pasta extrusion, which is a process that involves pushing pasta dough through a die to create different pasta shapes. This could be achieved with the help of a pasta extruder or pasta attachment that can be connected to the planetary mixer.

Vegetable Shredding

Planetary mixers can also be used for shredding various vegetables for dishes like coleslaw, salads, stir-fries, and tacos. This is done with the help of a vegetable shredder attachment that makes quick work of chopping onions, carrots, beets, cabbage, and more.

Mixing Drinks

One of the more unique and fun uses of planetary mixers is for mixing drinks. Some mixers come with attachments like cocktail shakers and juicers that make them ideal for mixing cocktails, juices, and smoothies. They can even be used to make whipped cream for topping your drinks.

Planetary mixers are versatile and efficient appliances that can be used for far more than just mixing dough. They’re an essential tool in any kitchen, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook. With the different attachments available, there’s almost no limit to what you can make with a planetary mixer – from shredding meat and vegetables to mixing drinks and extruding pasta. Get yourself one and unlock the limitless possibilities that come with it.