2 Signs It’s Time To Replace The Old Air Tools In Your Factory’s Machine Shop

13 December 2022
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When you operate a factory, having a machine shop on the premises is beneficial because the workers can repair the machines and perform the fabrication of new pieces onsite. As part of this shop, air tools are an essential part of these tasks. After looking over the tools that are currently in the shop, you may have realized that they are getting old and are starting to show signs of age such as rusty surfaces, leading you to wonder if it's time to purchase new ones. Read More 

2 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Fire Extinguisher

14 October 2022
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Fire extinguishers are an important part of fire safety, but they're not always used correctly. The result can be disastrous since a fire extinguisher that's not properly used can do more harm than good. Here are two mistakes you might be making with your fire extinguisher.  Failure to Check the Pressure Gauge Your fire extinguisher is only going to be effective if it's properly pressurized. That's why it's important to check the pressure gauge regularly to ensure that it remains in the green zone. Read More 

Great Ways To Maximize The Lifespan Of Hydraulic Seals

17 August 2022
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Seals make it easy to block off liquid around a hydraulic system, helping it perform up to the right standards consistently. If you want these seals to last for as long as possible, here are some precautions you can take. Heat Seals Prior to Installation If you want to prevent yourself from damaging hydraulic seals when setting them up, then you need to heat them for a period of time. Then they'll become much more elastic and that can help you fit them over the appropriate structure or materials where sealing is necessary for an area on a hydraulic system. Read More 

Guide For Those Purchasing PCD Cutting Tools For The First Time

29 June 2022
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If you're looking for a dependable cutting tool that's going to last, PCD cutting tools might be for you thanks to their diamond particle makeup. Purchasing these tools for the first time won't cause issues if you use this guide. Make Sure Diamond Particles Are Randomly Oriented In order for PCD cutting instruments to resist wear for a long time, then you need to make sure they have diamond particles that are randomly oriented on the said cutting tool. Read More 

Top Reasons To Have Custom Parts Made From Rubber Instead Of Plastic

17 May 2022
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You might know that there are companies out there that will make custom parts for you out of either plastic or rubber. You might already know that you want to use one of these companies so you can have parts made to your specifications. What you might not have decided yet might be whether you want to have your parts made out of plastic or rubber. Even though many people are happy with the custom plastic parts that they have made, you might want to choose rubber — particularly for certain applications — for these reasons and more. Read More